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Do You Advertise Your Business With A Yell Website?

Yell is an online business directory listing service and is all that remains of the Yellow Pages where people used to let their ‘fingers do the walking’. Yell offer business websites to sole traders, small local companies, contractors and tradesmen.

How much to advertise my business with Yell?
Is a Yell website worth the money?
Will advertising with Yell help my business?
Are Yell websites goof for SEO?
How can I get out of a Yell website contract?

Here’s the pricing for websites by Yell.

Have a good look at the Advanced option that offers a 10 page site for £699 and you will also see that they mention in small text that ‘Monthly fees apply’. Yell’s lowest monthly fee is £42 per month, going up to a few hundred pounds per month. So you are looking at a minimum of £1,200 for your first year.

Have a look at the Ultimate option where they offer 50 pages for £3,499 plus the monthly fee. I’ve  tarted off with 20 pages and we have enough room to add as many case studies and installations as we can document as time goes on.

Here’s 5 more things to consider with your Yell business website

1. Ownership of the website belongs to Yell not the customer so you are effectively renting the website and if you stop making the monthly payments then you will lose the website as Yell will not transfer your website to another web company.

2. Yell websites are made using a limited number of generic templates using a platform that is unpopular. We make our websites on WordPress which is the most popular platform in the world. Around 65% of websites worldwide are made on WordPress.

3. Yell websites are unresponsive. In other words the web pages and images do not automatically resize when viewed on different sized screens. Your website will look good on all devices from desktops to tablets and all mobile phones..

4. Yell websites are built without the latest and best search engine optimisation techniques which will severely limit the chance of being found on Google. There is no point in having a website if no one can find you and we have a large basket of Google searches that we need to be found on from ‘Shrewsbury sheds’ to ‘Shropshire garden decking contractors’

5. Finally you will never get to speak to any one. You will only speak with your account manager who is going to be more interested in selling you an upgrade in website services or try to get you to advertise on their directory Where as I am here and more than happy to discuss and clarify any website or social media issues with you. And then get it done properly as quickly as possible.

Here’s a link to everything you need to know about not having a Yell website

The site is page 1 on Google for Shrewsbury searches for sheds, garden sheds, tool sheds, wooden sheds, timber sheds, and is number 1 on searches for shrewsbury garden decking, shrewsbury garden decking contractors,,  shropshire wooden decking contractor, shropshire hardwood decking installers.

We don’t know which search the customer will make to find the things that Sayces do so we need to cover as many options as possible.

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