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Email Marketing Tracking & Analytics

Top O Top use a comprehensive email tracking system which, once the email or  newsletter has been published, can not only record each response/click trough to the website but, will also log the details of all responses against each subscriber for every issue.

Because the responses are tracked instantly you can, via a secure online admin system, have real time access to reports and statistics including:

Summary report

A general summary report giving an overview of quantity of responses/click throughs and to which stories – giving an important insight into which stories are popular and helping to refine future content to maximise click throughs.

Click throughs by link

From the summary report, selecting a particular link will display a full report detailing each recipient who clicked that link and how often.

Click throughs by respondent

In addition to the responses by link report, selecting to view clickt hroughs by respondent will display details of each recipient together with each of the links they clicked and how often.

Contact profile

Because each response to every  email or  newsletter is stored in a database and logged against each respective prospect or customer, we are able to generate profiles of each contact after each mailing. When this is combined with information about which items they downloaded and mail pieces they responded to, it allows us to build a detailed profile of every customer’s interests in your company’s products and services.

This helps us to refine future issues or personalise subsequent marketing material.

In addition to the above reports our system can be set to automatically send real-time notification via email each time any recipient clicks a link on the email or newsletter, giving details of which link has been clicked together with the recipient’s contact details etc. When used in conjunction with our online tracking system this real time information can be used to make an informed and perfectly timed sales follow-up.

Email Marketing Tracking

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