Developing Girls Educational Projects

 Girls are less likely to attend school in Africa than boys. We are deeply committed to creating a world in which all children, regardless of their gender, socio-economic background or circumstances, have access to education.  

Join with us! The time has come for women to do what only women can do for women. It is time to instigate the changes that will bring about positive transformations in women’s lives across Africa

Contribute to the exchange of ideas, approaches and good practices to deliver sustainable training, healthcare and entrepreneurship projects to improve the lives of girls and women in Africa

Improve the ways that women in Africa can access and use education, health and business information to enhance empowerment and educational projects for girls and young women in Africa

Explore the roles played by and access support from the various intermediaries, social enterprises, associations, foundations, NGOs, and micro-finance institutions supporting women in Africa

Mobilise media attention to create strategic responses to African women’s health, education and entrepreneurship challenges, solutions and opportunities locally, nationally, internationally and online.

Celebrate the accomplishments of innovative and trend-setting individuals, communities, initiatives and organisations that are helping to change and expand the expectations of women in Africa

Promote international co-operation and collaborations with key international partners such as universities, professional institutions and trade unions to create new centres of excellence accross Africa

Learn about the entrepreneurs, professionals and celebrities that are working in Africa to ensure young girls become the drivers of their own destinies and of African development

Developing Girls Educational Projects