How to Help

We offer different possibilities for donor support.

Adopt a School: Large and well resourced schools and colleges are encouraged to ‘Adopt a school’. One we identify a suitable site for a new school and local key personnel to run it, any willing school can nominate to ‘adopt’ the school by providing equipment, training, technical expertise and support.

Financial: We warmly welcome financial contributions from corporations, companies and individuals.

Equipment: Any kind of functioning school and educational equipment or books can be donated to a school. We will advise where a particular piece of equipment is needed and the donor undertakes to carry the cost of transporting it there.

Training: For local teachers to be able to good schools they need to be adequately trained. Donors can offer to send experts to a selected site to provide training there or they can sponsor an educational professional to travel to an established centre for training.

Donating to Education Charity: Volunteer or donate money, expertise, equipment, supplies & services to sponsor, support or fund schools, teacher training, scholarships, educational and social development projects NGO’s, aid projects & charities in Gambia.

Educational Charity Work & Jobs: Linking volunteers & donors offering funding, support and sponsorship to schools, educational charitable organizations, charity projects & charities in Gambia

Education Charities & NGO’s: Listings and links for individuals and companies supporting and sponsoring African schools, charities, non profit organizations & development or aid projects