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Is My Home Page Good Enough For My Business? Or Google?

Web design trends, fashions and standards are constantly evolving and changing. Big beautiful images are popular but we have to take a couple of steps back when designing our homepage and consider the role it will play for the human visitor to the site and the Googlebot indexing spider.

Keep in mind that making a website Google-friendly is not a one-time task. It’s important to create and post useful content consistently because Google is always ‘building a better mousetrap’ by crawling the web and tweaking its page rank algorithm to update results pages.

“Improvements” to get high page rank now may not work a few months from now, but sticking to the basics will provide a solid foundation for an optimized site that makes Google happy. And a website ranking higher on Google’s search results page will send more website visitors your way, which is good for business.

Optimising Content For Humans

Not all visitors are going to enter the site through the homepage. Many are going to enter through  one of the internal pages that they have found on a specific Google search results page and will then click the Home menu link as they begin to research things further.

Our challenge is to  second guess the user’s next step and to present all of the possible information they will need to easily complete their decision making process on the site before contacting us directly.

We need to present the brands, services, solutions and events on offer in a clear and concise way that will entice the visitor to continue clicking or to contact us.

We also need the freedom to edit the page to highlight new products or the next upcoming technical exhibition or AV trade show

Optimising Content For Googlebot

The majority of other websites linking to the site are linking directly to the homepage. Each time the Googlebot follows one of these inbound links and enters the site and we need to present it with as much information as possible.

By offering image and text links to the brands, services, solutions and events index pages on the homepage we can ensure that Google is collecting all of the information that we have on offer.

Similarly the descriptive text used to explain the link to each section will boost the keyword density for the page helping it to be returned higher on Google searches.

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