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Did Your Web Designer Optimise Meta Tag Titles & Descriptions

Our aim is help Google find our client’s web pages whenever it needs answers for questions about their specialist subjects. We do this by giving each page and post  an individual title and description meta tag. These meta tags give Google the information needed to beging calculating the relevance of the page when compiling results for searches

Conducting the necessary keyword research and implimenting the individual titles and discriptions tag needed for each page is time consuming and requires attention to detail. It is vital to include the chosen keywords that will help the page to be found on a multitude of searches. The real skill to fine tuning and managing these tags over time to expand the search reach for all pages.

Did your web designer optimise the meta tag titles & descriptions when they built your website? Do your web pages show up on Google with your company name and About Us, Contact Us or Home Page? As dead lines approach, i’ts the easiest corner to cut when designing a business website. Contact us if you have any doubts about your optimsed meta tags. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Optimising Meta Tag Title & Description

In this example we try to explain the issues and solutions when optimising Meta Tags for web page descriptions and titles. XYZ Distribution had been instructed as distributors by ABC LED for the US and Canadian markets

This is the current title and description for the ABC LED page.

  •  Title – ABC LED | The Story | XYZ Distribution
  • Description – An award-winning LED display manufacturer, ABC LED aims to provide all around solutions for indoor and outdoor LED to clients worldwide

We need to be a lot more specific with the words used and effectively instruct Google that our ABC LED web page is one of the most relevant pages there is for dealing with the most popular ABC LED related keyword searches.

If we remove the low priority words you can see that we are currently giving Google less than half of the title and description information it needs.

  • Title – ABC LED | Distribution
  • Description – LED display manufacturer, Unilumin solutions indoor outdoor LED

The title and description below includes the most popular keywords that are used to make searches for the Unilumin brand, its products and its dealers across North America.

  • Title – ABC LED TV Distributor – ABC LED TV Displays, Screens, Video Walls
  • Description – ABC LED tv distributor – abc led digital content display, tv screen & video wall distributors, resellers & installers in USA & Canada

Google updates the search results every month and it is important to react quickly to their changes by editing or changing the keywords used to keep climbing the searches and expanding coverage of each niche.

If we roll this out across all of the XYZ Distribution pages and posts, we can only expect more web visitors, more enquiries and more sales.


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