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Local Tradesman Keywords – Organic SEO & Pay Per Click Cost

The more keyword relevant that your site is, the more attention it gets from Google, so the higher it appears in the search engine rankings. This matters because it’s important for people to see your business when they enter search keywords related to your business.

The likelier they are to see it, the more likely they are to click on the link that sends them to your landing page or main website

That’s free traffic from people actively searching for this information, making them more likely to take action, whether it’s to ask for more information actually buy a product.

Traffic of this type often proves far more powerful and valuable than paid advertising such as pay per click or banner ads. Consider that, according to industry watch Conductor, at least 64 percent of the traffic to your website will come from SEO efforts, referred to as “organic” traffic.

Organic SEO Investment Or Pay Per Click Costs

Jupiter Research says its 81 percent. Also important to note is that people who come to your site as organic traffic resulting from SEO efforts tend to have a higher lifetime value (they spend more money) than those who come in through paid advertising.

Statistics indicate that less than 5 percent of searchers go beyond the first page of a Google search. According to a study from Advanced Web Ranking, 67 percent of the clicks go to the first five results, with the #1 Spot taking in just over 30 percent of clicks.

Googlebot, SEO & Google Keyword Marketing

Google has been around for twenty years and has perfected the search result user experience.  Google indexes websites and analyses them monthly to see how relevant they are to certain keyword terms. Googlebot, Google’s website crawler, is responsible for inspecting your website to determine how relevant your pages are, and rank you appropriately on each Google search.

Googlebot is largely a text-only crawler which doesn’t count images, videos or animations as content. This is a problem for websites with a high amount of links and images on their pages, but very little actual content. If a webpage does not have enough relevant content for the keywords it is trying to rank for, it will be very difficult for Google to determine that the website is absolutely relevant for its keyword.

Google wants to try to avoid delivering websites that are of very little use to their visitors, and from a web crawler’s point of view, a website with very little content might be considered too “vague” or not relevant enough to be ranked on the front page of Google.

Local Tradesman Keywords – Organic SEO & Pay Per Click Cost

So how to get Google’s attention, and increase all of these benefits? Luckily there are a few fixes we can implement to make your website more Google-friendly. Please contact us

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