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Research & Development Tax Credit FAQs

Do I qualify for R&D tax relief?

If your company innovates or solves technical challenges, you likely qualify for R&D tax relief, unlocking significant financial benefits.

What is the tax relief for R&D in 2023?

In 2023, R&D tax relief allows companies to deduct an extra 130% of qualifying costs, offering a lucrative incentive for innovative businesses. Read more

What is the tax relief rate for R&D?

The R&D tax relief rate is an impressive 230%, enabling companies to slash their tax bills and reinvest in further research and development. Learn more

What is the tax break for research and development?

The tax break involves reducing your corporation tax by claiming additional deductions for eligible R&D expenses, fostering innovation.

Who can claim R&D tax credits?

Any UK company investing in innovative projects or resolving technological challenges can claim R&D tax relief, regardless of size or industry. Find out more

What is the R&D tax relief rate in the UK?

The R&D tax relief rate in the UK is 230%, providing a powerful incentive for companies to pursue and invest in cutting-edge innovations. Details here

How much R&D can I claim?

Companies can typically claim up to 33.35% of qualifying costs, allowing for substantial financial benefits that fuel ongoing R&D efforts. Learn more

What is the minimum claim for R&D?

While there’s no fixed minimum, even smaller companies can benefit from R&D tax relief, with potential cash credits if in a loss-making position. Read more

Can a sole trader claim R&D credits?

Yes, sole traders can claim R&D tax relief if they actively contribute to and meet the eligibility criteria for innovative projects. Learn more

How do I claim R&D tax relief  in UK?

Claiming R&D tax relief involves submitting a detailed report to HMRC outlining your qualifying activities and associated expenses. Learn more

Can you claim R&D as a subcontractor?

Yes, subcontractors can claim R&D tax relief if they significantly contribute to eligible R&D projects. Find out more

How do I account for R&D tax claim?

Properly account for R&D by documenting eligible expenses, activities, and maintaining records for submission to HMRC. Learn more


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