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SEO For Estate Agents Marketing Prestige Property

In the real world your estate agent may have a prime town centre location and feature prominently in local newspapers and publications. But maybe it not so effective online and their website rarely shows up or stands out when or where potential clients are researching the rural, luxury and agricultural property niches in your location.

Google search optimization offers a long-term digital marketing strategy that will help your estate agency to dominate prestige property related searches in your area. This investment will ensure you outperform online and real world estate agency and property portal competitors for years to come.

How Does Google Search Optimisation Work?

There is no search engine optimisation quick fix. There are no “special contacts at Google,” no “SEO fairy dust” and no “SEO magic button’. But Google does offer an extensive list of webmaster guidelines for building Google friendly websites that rank well on chosen or targeted searches.

Try making a search for ‘Shrewsbury estate agents’, ‘Development land for sale in Ludlow’ or any other Shropshire property related searches. Does your estate agency feature in the top 10 results shown on the first page of Google. Now try Farm with fishing rights in Mid Wales’, ‘UK Country house with woodland’ to ‘Land with planning in Telford’ and ‘Luxury properties close to Shrewsbury School’.

Convincing Google that You are Number One for Property Services

The challenge now is to apply these Google guidelines across your estate agency services and news pages in a way that ensures each individual page achieves the very highest ranking on all relevant Shropshire property niche searches.

With the property information pages and local property news stories your agency could have enough content to dominate thousands of searches. The very searches that are being made by potential clients researching high end properties and bespoke property services in your surrounding areas.

This can only raise your online profile, drive property sales forward and more importantly generate new instructions.

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