Create & Optimise Content For Local Google Business Searches

People who make localised keyword searches for products and services are a lot closer to making a purchasing decision than those using more general terms. it would be more likely that they don’t have a specific business in mind when they begin their hunt. Here are some statistics: 96% of PC owners conduct local searches, … Read more

Is My Home Page Good Enough For My Business? Or Google?

Web design trends, fashions and standards are constantly evolving and changing. Big beautiful images are popular but we have to take a couple of steps back when designing our homepage and consider the role it will play for the human visitor to the site and the Googlebot indexing spider. Keep in mind that making a website … Read more

SEO For Estate Agents Marketing Prestige Property

In the real world your estate agent may have a prime town centre location and feature prominently in local newspapers and publications. But maybe it not so effective online and their website rarely shows up or stands out when or where potential clients are researching the rural, luxury and agricultural property niches in your location. … Read more

Local Business SEO For Local Estate Agents

We offer bespoke online marketing services for independent and entrepreneurial London estate agencies, creating ‘local estate agency portals’ with extensive sections of local property information. These local portals help to level the marketing playing field with corporate and larger estate agencies by providing blanket coverage of local property and estate agent search phrases relevant to … Read more

SEO International Trade Opportunities

The United Kingdom is the second largest investor in trade in Africa, to the tune of $36.8 billion. How will the UK’s exit from the European Union impact trade relations with the continent? SEO Export & Trade Opportunities In Africa UK Trade Commissioner for Africa Emma Wade-Smith said ‘The UK will concentrate on building its … Read more