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Help! My Business Website Is Full of PDFs Not Webpages

PDF files are a great way to store and deliver data but not a great way to market your business online. Google does not pay al ot of attention to PDFs when answering search queries but they will get indexed.

When it comes to optimising content for search we always break open the PDF Files to create individual webpages that are optimised to be found on the relevant searches. We createa a content strategy that surrounds the PDF and creates multiple access points to it.A big, authoritative PDF can be broken down into web pages, blog posts, tweets and social media posts that will showcase the content and add extrra value by lnking back to the PDF.

Optimising PDF Files For SEO Marketing

Here’s an example of the ways that we advised our client to repurpose and reuse the content from PDFs

The site has a lot of PDF files for Featured Case Studies and for Product Brochures. I would suggest that we liberate the content from these PDF to produce web pages that can be indexed by Google and returned in search results. The original PDFs will still be available for download in the same way.

XYZ Distribution Brands – ABC LED

Each electronics brand currently has its own web page consisting of some text and images with some PDF files to download for ‘further details’ on the company its products and installations.  By copying the text on these PDF files to the web page, our aim is to create a greatly enhanced web page for each brand that will dominate the search engine results made for that brand.

We will soon be competing directly with the ABC LED web site on searches made by potential customers making general searches as they  research the ABC LED product range with searches like ‘ABC LED display’ and ‘ ABC LED TV screen’.

By adding the major US and Canadian  locations we can position the site on location based searches such as ‘ABC LED US Distributors’, ‘ABC LED Display Suppliers NY’, ‘Ohio ABC LED Reseller’ and ‘ABC LED Screen Installers in Tulsa’.

I would suggest that searchers making these localised search es are further down the decision making process and are a lot closer to contacting XYZ and making a purchase. If we roll this out across all of the XYZ Distribution brands and other PDF files, we can only expect more web visitors, more enquiries and more sales.

XYZ Distribution Specialties – Content Display

As a further example the Content, Digital Display and Collaboration PDF gives us more text to add to the current Digital Display and Collaboration web page and to compete on AV and Digital Display related searches coupled with the industry specific keywords such as Retail, Business, House of Worship, Higher Ed, Control Room, Media and Entertainment, Training, Government, Military and Live Events.

XYZ Distribution Case Studies – University of Waterloo

And finally by freeing the content from the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus PDF we will have a page that will compete on Digital Signage Solutions for Universities as well as Digital Signage for Stratford, ON, Ontario and Canada.

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